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Welcome to the Dog Show Sketch Comedy Podcast. Bi-weekly sketch comedy served (mostly) a la carte and scientifically designed to tickle your ear drums. Sometimes subtle, often outrageous comedy sketches that parody, spoof, pastiche, and lay utter waste to topics ranging from world history, pop culture, surrealism, and good ol‘ Americana. The Dogs have performed regularly since the debut of their two-act sketch revue ”A Great Night for the Whig Party!” in May 2014, and have appeared at the Tampa International Fringe Festival (2018), NYC Sketchfest (2016-2017), The People‘s Improv Theater, Sketch Block NYC, ”The Brick Wall” live variety show on NSTV-Long Island (2016-2019), and selected for The Philadelphia Sketch Comedy Film Festival (2020). DOG SHOW Written and performed by: Michael Patierno Claudio Venancio Niki Hatzidis Peter Coleman Ryan Correll Audio effect library provided by Epidemic Sound. Copyright (c) 2021, Dog Show Comedy. All copyrighted materials not belonging to Dog Show that may appear on the program are used solely for parody purposes under free use.

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