Operation Front Yard Lion (The Chobo Kedougou Kids Club #1)


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Mud fights, animal encounters, daring (and arguably crazy) rescues are all in a day's work for young people venturing through the wilds of West Africa. In this adventure-filled AUDIO DRAMA PRODUCTION, listeners are invited to experience suspense, humor, survival, and friendship brought to life nestled somewhere between the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean.

Meet the Mann children, Sadie, Marie, and Noodle, as they grow up in a small town called Kedougou. When a beloved family member is put in unimaginable danger the Mann children, along with their new friends, will risk it all to make sure no one is left behind. Based on true childhood experiences, episode 1 of The Chobo Kedougou Kids Club is sure to delight families from around the world!


The Chobo Kedougou Kids Club Episode 1: Operation Front Yard Lion was written and directed by S.D. Manning. It starred the voice talents of Jayden B., Dolly K., Yaazhini K., Jai L., Rohan L., Emelia W., Manisha R., Janah Z., and S.D. Manning. The episode was recorded remotely across Fiji, Canada, and New Zealand in 2021.

The music was composed and used with permission from Derek and Brandon Fiechter. Track titles include “African Safari”, “Mount Kilimanjaro”, “Heart of Africa”, “Deep in the Congo”, and “Guinea”. You can find more of the Fiechter brothers’ music on their YouTube channels (Fiechter Music), iTunes, and Spotify. Editing and post-production were completed by S.D. Manning. Sound effects were created by the cast or using royalty-free, no copyright sources. All credit belongs to the original owners.

The events portrayed in this audio drama are based on true events. Some aspects have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. All character names and personas have been modified or invented for this adaptation and any resemblance to living individuals should not be inferred.

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