The Fabric of Cities with Dana Getman


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Dana Getman is an Associate Principal at SHoP Architects in New York City, leading some of the firm’s most complex and dynamic projects. Dana received a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture II from Yale University. She recently completed project management of 111 West 57th Street, a 1,400 foot tall terracotta and bronze super tall residential tower located adjacent to the original Steinway showroom overlooking Central Park. Among other projects, she also led the team during key phases of design and construction for the East River Waterfront including Pier 15 and the Esplanade, which create 14,000,000 sf of public space along the East River. She is an expert working with user groups and community stakeholders to build consensus throughout the design and construction process. Currently, she is overseeing design teams for the National Veterans Resource Center at Syracuse University and the OBO Design Excellence Program. She is Chair of Urban Land Institute Next in New York and a member of the urban planning committee at the Municipal Art Society in addition to regularly lecturing.

In this episode, Dana talks about her journey that took her from a Girl Scout project to architecture school, what it was like managing the design and construction of a residential supertower in Manhattan, how the thought processes that go into design public spaces can inform those of private developments, and gives some insight into the design process at SHoP. Dana also talks about her experiences with having both a fulfilling career while being a young mother, and shares what makes SHoP such a special and welcoming place for families.

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