Successful Mentor-Mentee Relationships with Carrie Moore and Jennifer Grosso


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In this special episode of Design Voice Podcast, I’m joined by Carrie Moore and Jennifer Grosso of SOM’s New York office to discuss mentor-mentee relationships. Carrie and Jen talk about the mentorship programs at SOM, and share their insights on why mentorship is so valuable from both the mentor and mentee perspectives. They offer some great advice on what to do if your firm doesn’t have a formal mentorship program, as well as how to find your place at a larger firm. Carrie also shares with her her journey to becoming a director at SOM.

Carrie Moore is a director at SOM’s New York office, where she has worked on some of SOM’s most dynamic and transformative projects within the education sector. She is also passionate about helping others navigate their careers and become successful project leaders. Jennifer Grosso is a Senior Architect at SOM, where she works on all phases of large-scale mixed-use projects. Jen is a also a board member of ArchiteXX, and is actively involved in the Urban Land Institute.

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