Practicing With Intent with Anthia Wong


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Anthia Wong is a Team Lead and Project Manager with the interior and architecture firm FORGE, where she works on a wide range of commercial, interior, and tenant improvement projects. She focuses much of her time on relationship building and fostering the lines of communication externally with clients, as well as internally within the firm. Her underlying passion of wanting to help people lent well to elevate her to a position that requires making sure that client expectations are being met while nurturing internal teams to make sure members have the tools they need to achieve success.

In this episode, Anthia shares with me her journey from taking a watercolor class in community college, to studying architecture at California College of the Arts, to her current role as a Team Lead at FORGE. We also discuss whether or not leadership skills are innate or can be learned, why working on tenant improvement projects can be a great experience for people fresh out of school, and how being a project manager is kind of like being a mom.

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