On Grit, Vulnerability, and Telling your Story with Bianca Koutsakos


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Bianca Koutsakos is a Business Development Manager at Neoscape, a creative agency that specializes in branding and visual storytelling of the built environment. Bianca represents the agency’s San Francisco office, and spearheads the market growth, business development and marketing strategy for their West Coast market. Part of her role involves increasing awareness of Neoscape’s services that specialize in 3D visualization, branding, film, interactive, and design specifically for commercial real estate on the West Coast.

In this episode, Bianca shares what she loves most about commercial real estate, as well as some great advice on what it takes to “make it” in a male dominated industry. We also talk about Bianca’s work with the Women’s Leadership Initiative of ULI, some of the latest 3d visualization and interactive tools that Neoscape’s RADLAB is exploring, and what it means to be a good storyteller.

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