#55 This is What an Engineer Looks Like with Liz Brack, Structural Engineer at DLR Group


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Liz Brack is a structural engineer based out of DLR Group’s Phoenix office, where she is actively involved in a diverse range of building types with a focus on K through 12 projects. Liz is active in the community through the organization and participation of multiple STEM outreach with the local schools. She is also the active Philanthropy chair of the Structural Engineers of Arizona Young Member Group. In addition to her work with DLR Group, Liz teaches an intro to structural engineering course at Arizona State University.

In this episode we talk about

  • Mentorship programs, and what qualities an ideal mentor has
  • What Liz finds most compelling about working on K-12 projects
  • The percentage of women engineers in the AEC field, and what the profession could do to encourage more girls to pursue the career
  • How every structural engineer has a favorite type of structural system
  • The career trajectories of structural engineers
  • Design challenges in projects, and the crazy things architects ask for
  • Advice for engineers newer to the profession
  • Leaning on your mentors

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