#53 Inspiring Change in Justice Architecture with Erica Loynd, FAIA, Principal at DLR Group


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Erica Loynd, FAIA is a Principal based out of DLR Group’s Seattle office, and is a Justice and Civic Studio Sector Leader. Erica is particularly passionate about sustainability, restorative justice, and the impact of the built environment on human wellness. She is an expert at leading teams to elevate conditions for disenfranchised people, and setting innovative justice standards that support wellness, equity, and transformative programs to successfully return people to their communities. Volunteering with AIA WA Council as the state licensure advisor, AIA Seattle’s mentorship programs and membership steering committee, Erica has worked with architects and aspiring candidates to enrich their careers in architecture. She has also been leading the national AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Knowledge Community to push for innovations in research and operations to better serve all people.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being elevated to an AIA Fellow, and what Erica’s application experience was like
  • Why Erica believes architects should not walk away from justice architecture work
  • Inspiring and educating justice architecture clients to do better
  • Changing existing conditions as much as we can on a path towards stopping incarceration
  • How Erica first became involved in the justice + civic sector, and what she finds most fulfilling about her work
  • The rapid testing and COVID response sites in King County, Seattle that Erica and DLR Group designed at the outset of the pandemic


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