#49 - Women in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction History with the She Builds Podcast


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She Builds Podcast is a show featuring the seldom told stories of women who build; women whose worth is not taught in architecture school, but who have shaped the industries of architecture, construction, and development throughout history. The podcast was started by Jessica Rogers, Lizi Raar and Norgerie Rivas, three friends who, after graduating from Syracuse University School of Architecture together, wanted to fill in the gaps in their education and share those with others. Episodes have featured Norma Merrick Sklarek, Julia Morgan, Jane Drew, Eileen Gray, Zaha Hadid, and many more!

In this episode, Jessica, Lizi, and Norgerie share the origin story of She Builds, their process for researching and putting together the show, and the most interesting things they’ve learned about the women they’ve featured. We also talk about the importance of seeing others like yourself in the profession, and how architecture history curricula are still stuck in their old male-dominated Eurocentric ways, but that this might slowly be changing.

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