#48 - Building a Personal Brand for Architects with Joann Lui


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Joann Lui is an architect and founder of the Facebook community Women Architects Collective. With over 2700 members and counting, the Women Architects Collective has grown into an active community where women architects find support, build their networks, and celebrate their accomplishments. Joann is also a personal brand strategist and helps architects and designers build an unforgettable online presence and get noticed in their careers and businesses.

In this episode we talk about what inspired Joann to form the Women Architects Collective, why everyone should have a personal brand, and what the most important factors are in building your personal brand. Joann also gives some great advice for introverts on how to find your voice when it might be out of your comfort zone, and shares her thoughts on leadership and mentorship.

Learn more about Joann here: www.joannlui.com.

And check out the Women Architects Collective here!


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