Set your new goals for 2021


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We all know that 2020 was a very strange year, but there is always something positive with everything that happens.

It’s time to summarize 2020. I think it’s very good to look back a little bit before we go ahead into next year.

I think it’s so good to look for the positive things and let the negatives leave us. I always use the days around the new year to journal, summarize and to set up my new goals for the next year. Maybe there’s some goals I bring into the new year as well, which I haven’t reached yet. But I always adjust them a bit to make it more relevant for me. It’s also so easy to just look at the previous last months of the year when summarizing, but if you look at the whole previous year there has happened a lot, right?

In this episode I give you my idea of how to summarize and to set up new goals for the new year.

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Have a wonderful 2021 and Happy New Year 🎉❤️

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