How to choose the right wall paper for your walls


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Big announcement!!!

WARDROBE CODE 101 Online course is open for enrollment!

I´m so happy to announce this today and I hope that you're going to like it.

Wardrobe code 101 is a 3 weeks course about create your wardrobe you love and also get calmer mornings, because after this course you know what to wear every single day. I think that's amazing.

Go to my website and sign up today and get the EARLY BIRD price.

Today I have a wall paper designer guest. Her name is Julie Campbell and she gives so many great tips and also talk about the interesting design process to create a wall paper.

Link to Julies website:

Last week I was guest speaker in Kicki Westerbergs Cirkeln podcast talking about simple living. That was very fun. Go and listen and get inspired HERE! OBS! In Swedish.


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