#13 - 5 easy steps to find energy for making your home into the most beautiful place


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I know it could be tricky to get started and find energy for declutter or make the cleaning at home.

In this episode I’ll give you 5 simple steps to come closer your dream home and to find energy for making your home into the most beautiful place.

After working as a feng shui consultant for many years I realized that the most common problem my clients have was that they had too much things to look after. Of course I mean clutter, but also other things that happens in life. You maybe have a family to look after, a house, a job, an old grandma to look after. It could be so many things that stress you out and a feeling of being overwhelmed has arrived.

I´ll give you 5 steps to find a more simple life without overwhelm and to get you into a position there decluttering and cleaning is no big deal anymore.

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