#14 Start the new season with ease


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October and a new month and a new season. Do you feel something special when a new season arrives? I do and I will tell you how and why.

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Suzanna Novotna and she’s a massage terapeut in Marbella. Her superpowers are Deep Tissue massage, Thai massage, postural alignment inspired by Bowspring method. She’s also a dancer and yoga teacher and she has a passion for healthy plant based cooking as I also have.

She has a free beautiful and well designed guide at her web site about how you can design your perfect morning routine you will finally stick to. That Morning Routine Workbook will guide you step by step to meet your goals day after day. I highly recommend you to go to her site and grab your guide. You’ll find it at wedeliverwellbeing.com and I have also put the link in the description as well for you. So don´t miss that.

She says: ”When we have a good routine in place, we tick the exercise, self care and a good part of nutrition off the list as the first thing. So we don’t have to think about going to the gym, yoga or trying to squeeze self care during a busy day. Basically it’s simplier and a time saver..”

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