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We have so much to do on our daily basis and I’m always working on to simplify my life more and more.

A good idea could be to take a look at the morning habits and routines. Simplify and add just the good things that feels good. I know there are many ways and for me it has been my wardrobe. I have minimized the amount of my clothes and the results of that is stress-free mornings. I know what’s in my wardrobe and I also know what to wear. I don´t have to stay there too long and choose anymore, because I know my outfits very well. I have also implemented to write in my note book every mornings and listen to some nice meditation to set the foundation for the day.

So, this is something I have done for myself and I know there are many who have struggles in the mornings to make time enough for everything, so I have made an audio training:

How to get amazing mornings

It’s free and it also includes an amazing meditation. I hope you will like it and please send me your thoughts about it in a private message on instagram.

The audio includes my 3 proven strategies to get calm and nice mornings.


Amazing morning Audio training

Wardrobe Code 101 - 3 weeks online course

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Zuzana Novotna - We deliver well-being

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3 essential strategies for back pain relief without breaking a bank

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