The Convergence of Music, Technology, and Design with Haig Armen


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When we think of creativity, it's natural to define it through the lens of the specific craft we directly relate to. I'm a designer and musician, both professionally and personally. And even though I associate myself with both, it has taken me a long time to embrace my music background as a tool in my design work. Our conversation today explores the convergence of music, technology, and design in process, methodology, and the creation of experimental musical instruments. It's part one of a discussion with Haig Armen - professor, designer, and musician living in Vancouver, British Columbia. For the last 10+ years, Haig has led the Interaction Design program at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. His research explores music technology design, focusing on new gestural interfaces, data sonification, and music visualization. His most recent efforts are in design-led entrepreneurship and creating new musical instruments using emerging technologies.

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