Xbox & Bethesda's Big E3 Show Has Major Potential


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E3 was one of the victims of the pandemic, but with a new digital strategy in place it will be making a return in June of 2021. Xbox will be attendance and Bethesda will following them up leaving a lot of opportunity available to make a major impact. Will Xbox ditch their CGI trailer ways of the last year and give us strong looks at the likes of Fable, Avowed, Starfield, and Forza? Is Bethesda Game Studios going to fully dedicate Starfield to next-gen hardware? After analyzing some Todd Howard comments, the timing of the acquisition, and xCloud's surge, it's possible, but the boys discuss. In this same massive week, Xbox nabbed one of the former PlayStation exclusive titles as a Game Pass Day One addition. Where does this service start and end? How far will Xbox continue to go? That alongside more of YOUR questions round out a strong week for the industry.

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