PlayStation & Xbox Continue Studio Acquisitions - Who's Next?


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In a special episode, we welcome Lord Cognito into the Last Stand Media family as our permanent co-host for Defining Duke. Cognito brings years of podcasting experience across Iron Lords Podcast & The Last Word podcast while standing as a strong representation of what Last Stand brings to the table. Honesty, respect, and hard work. He was #1 on our list and we're honored to have him in the fold week in and week out. Now, for the news! In the realm of PlayStation, they wrapped up one (maybe even two) studios that clearly belong in their first party portfolio. Those being Housemarque and Bluepoint. The two titans continue to battle in their own way and, as always, the question is who's next? Matty and Cog dissect! Otherwise, Phil Spencer provides much sought after clarity on the release window of Halo Infinite. Why exactly didn't we get a date? Phil provides the goods on top of the status of Killer Instinct's future! With that combined with more pressing topics like Cognito's burger choice, we have a lot to get through today.

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