Phil Spencer Opens Up On Xbox's Single Player Future


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The Xbox team made the press rounds this week and dove into the likes of controller changes, VR/AR, early access, but most importantly to everyone (and especially Cog!) is that #JustONE! Fans have wanted Xbox to go all out with their single player narrative games and Phil Spencer has just claimed they have more in development than they ever had in the history of Xbox. An exciting trajectory for sure, so Matty and Cog shake out Xbox's future. Alongside that, a major week in the world of Japanese games. PC trouble has struck spin-off series Judgment and Persona celebrates its 25th anniversary! Will Johnny & Associates enter the modern age and let Takuya Kimura follow his wife on Instagram?! What of the future of Judgment as a series?! We discuss that alongside the alluring idea of Persona heading to Xbox and much more in a jam packed week.

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