Is PlayStation Pushing People To Xbox?


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So, we're an Xbox and PC show. You've read the title, you know this. However, a large chunk of the audience write-ins were reflections on the Don Mattrick era and PlayStation's major shifts that have dragged Xbox into a favorable position. I thought for this episode it would be fun with a slower news week to turn our attention toward Bloomberg's reporting of PlayStation honing in on blockbuster titles only. As we continue to say, it's more clear than ever that Xbox and PlayStation are marching to entirely different beats and that means we are certainly in for one of the most interesting console generations. On the news side of things, more information has popped up suggesting Persona 5 Royal is heading to Xbox and some titles such as Everwild, Fable, and Perfect Dark might be caught in the development pipeline for some time! Oh, and debates on if sushi is a fish hot dog..

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