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This episode, we excerpt a few of this year's Outlook 2022 interviews, including:

  • Defense One Senior National Security Correspondent Jacqueline Feldscher in conversation with Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr. Colin Kahl (at the 1:24 mark);
  • Defense One Executive Editor Kevin Baron interviews White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (at 5:48);
  • Defense One's Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber moderates a discussion with Kristine Liwag, executive director at Morgan Stanley, and Ron Epstein, senior equity analyst at Bank of America (at 14:29);
  • Defense One Tech Editor Patrick Tucker speaks with Rep. Jim Langevin, D-R.I., and Bryan Clark of the Hudson Institute (at 18:57);
  • Weisgerber interviews Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall (at 33:26);
  • and Senior Pentagon Correspondent for Defense One Tara Copp spoke with Air Force Brig. Gen. John Olson, mobilization assistant to the Chief of Space Operations (at 44:39).

Catch all Outlook 2022 video interviews on Defense One's YouTube page here.

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