Ep. 88 - The Battle for Ralvaria: Jecht Liketheplane


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The battle goes poorly for our adventurers and their allies. Only through teamwork will they be able to defeat the armies of Sargonnas. Too bad one member of the team has turned traitor... Join Ambienitus and Brixeus Hammerbottom (Brad Richards and Ben Renfro), Jecht Liketheplane (Brad Renfro), Abraham Van Halen (Matt Smith), and Prothian Graymane (Eric Nemeth), with special guests Gooch Gliezgorm (Gene Jackson II) and Chadley (Tyler Vittitow), as they continue their adventures in Ralvaria, led by Dungeon Master Paul Camper. Catch up on previous episodes at www.deathsavingbros.com.

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The songs “Aldyn’s Gone Dark,” “Aldyn’s Gone Dark (Piano),” “Attacking Varanspear (Extended Cut),” “Banish Thee,” “Blynka’s Temper,” “Defending Varanspear,” “Honor in the Storm (Strings),” “Hordebreaker,” “In Corridors of Yore (Organ and Celestra),” “Pale Sanctum Duel (Extended Cut),” “Pious Vengeance,” “Renouncing the Oath,” “Storming the Daimyo (No Percussion),” and “The Fiend Approaches” are copyright Will Savino and the Music d20 project. These tracks are used with permission. All rights reserved.

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