S19:E1 - The Mighty Thor No. 207 (1973)


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This time on the Couch: Mike, James, and Shée are on parade after reading The Mighty Thor no. 207! Welcome to the real-world town of Rutland, home of the annual Rutland Halloween Parade, where DC and Marvel both briefly pretend they're not litigious corporate behemoths and allow their characters to tiptoe around each other semi-freely! It's a perfect setting for this bizarre meta tale, where a carload of comic book creators make their way to Vermont to celebrate that most holy of October holidays. Unfortunately, Thor is making his way to the same location, on account of his being incapable of allowing any public gathering to take place without rampant destruction. It's the superhero's code! Can the Asgardian finish fighting with his brother Loki in time to go trick-or-treating? Sure, a thousand-year-old Norse God isn't usually considered the right demographic to go begging for candy, but there are full-sized Snickers out there!

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