Wanderleaf | Episode 5 - Night of the Living Sun


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The tween Dames come up with a plan to investigate the creature that has been sneaking around the Summertide Festival in Wygnoming. This week in D&D tips Kat and Brittni discuss Actions and how they work in combat or turn order.

d20 Dames is a storytelling podcast powered by Dungeons & Dragons. Every other week a group of four daring friends comes together to solve mysteries, befriend monsters, and explore a fantastic realm. Dive into our first full campaign, Good Fortune or come along for our latest adventure, Wanderleaf. Our podcast is all-ages but packs a punch, is heavy on heart and not without consequences. Hosted by and starring Kat Kruger, Jen Vaughn, Brittni Liyanage and Jessica Ross. Edited by Kathleen Childs.

Art by Jen Vaughn

Theme music by Middlescence

Additional music and sounds provided by Tabletopaudio.com. This episode features the tracks The Wild Hunt and Vikings.

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