Why You Aren't Meant To Serve Everyone with Dr. Norris Golberg


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On this episode of the Cultivating Success podcast, Dr. Bremner is joined by special guest Dr. Norris Golberg, a former semi-pro Rugby player turned Upper-Cervical Chiropractor near Boulder, CO. Throughout this episode, Dr. Golberg not only shares the advice he’d give his younger self if he was in school, but he also talks about the value in attending business workshops and technique seminars as a supplement to what you learn in school and his experience being an Associate Chiropractor. Together with Dr. Bremner, they tackle additional topics including why having an athlete-centered practice can be challenging, what they’ve learned about discovering their target market and why looking at the marketing of companies you enjoy can help you better fine-tune your own marketing initiatives to find your ideal clients. If you’re a current student or a new doctor working to establish your dream client base and feel the pull to serve everyone that walks in your door, this podcast episode is for you!

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