Cultivating Success: A mindset shift for happy, successful chiropractors


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The goal of the Cultivating Success podcast is to help principled chiropractors be successful in both their practice and their business. The key to this is a shift in mindset. This is NOT “practice management” or cookie-cutter advice. I want to help you find out who you are, what makes you truly happy and how to transfer that to your practice. Over the last 10 years, I have coached many successful associates and have discovered what most recent graduates and new chiropractors struggle with. Upcoming episodes will include topics like: shifting your money mindset, the steps you can take to be happier, how to choose an associate position that's best for you, what you need to do if you plan to open your own practice, and more! Throughout this podcast, I will also be interviewing other successful doctors to discuss how they’ve navigated ups and downs in their careers and what advice they have for you. My number one goal is to help create more successful principled chiropractors who can go out and change the world while loving the life they live! Not everything will be comfortable to hear, but I promise you, I will always tell you the truth. Follow us on Instagram: @boulderatlaschiropractic or at my website: New episodes premiere on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month!

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