Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Rod Khleif - Director of Lifetime Cashflow Academy


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the Top Ranked Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. Top Ranked because of YOU! Thank you so much for the continued support for me and the show. Please give us that 5-Star Rating and Review on Apple Podcasts we sure would appreciate it.

A big THANK YOU to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved. Keep up the great work.

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You are going to love my next guest Rod Khleif. Rod has made a lot of money in real estate over the years. He also lost 50 MILLION DOLLARS in 2008. But he GAINED IT ALL BACK. Do you want to know how?


An amazing and informative show

Rod says the following:

I immigrated to the US when I was six. We struggled to get by. I had to wear clothes from the Goodwill and eat expired food because that’s all we could afford. I decided when I was 18 that I was going to do real estate. Fast forward, and I've now personally owned and managed over 2,000 homes and apartment buildings. I'm host of the Top-ranked Real Estate Investment Podcast; “The Lifetime CashFlow Through Real Estate Investing Podcast" with more than 7,500,000 downloads. I'm also author of “How to Create Lifetime CashFlow Through Multifamily Properties” considered to be an essential “textbook” for aspiring and experienced multifamily investors. I'm passionate about real estate, business, life, success and giving back. I've combined my passion for real estate investing and personal development coaching with my personal philosophy of goal setting, envisioning, and manifesting success to train and coach people that want to escape the rat race. Experience: I started out buying houses in Denver in the 80's and ended up with over 500 single family homes there in a buy and hold strategy. I also had some apartment complexes. I then bought over 200 houses in Memphis. I then bought over 1,300 along the gulf coast of Florida along with some apartment complexes. I no longer love single family investing. My focus is now multifamily. I love talking and educating people about multifamily real estate investing one on one, as a coach, or through my podcast.

Find Rod here:

Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council:

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