Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Retired Police Chief Nick Metz and his wife Dr. Sara Metz - Creators of CODE4 Counseling


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the show. Thank YOU for the continuing support for me and this great and powerful show. YOU are the reason this podcast is Top Ranked. Please give us a 5-Star Rating and Review on Apple Podcasts.

A big shout out and THANK YOU to all the brave men and women who serve in the Criminal Justice Field. Ignore all the negativity against you and the great law enforcement profession. Instead, instill your heart with positivity, motivation and inspiration. Remember you are honored, cherished and loved. Please take care of each other and come home safe.

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Every law enforcement organization has challenges. They also have many priorities, goals and objectives. A top priority for ALL criminal justice organizations should be the mental health and wellness of the brave men and women who put on a uniform and go out and serve. This priority STARTS AT THE TOP. If senior law enforcement executives are not supportive of mental health and wellness, then everyone in the organization suffers.

I am so honored to have my next guests on the show. Retired Police Chief Nick Metz and his wife Dr. Sara Metz.

Dr. Sara Metz

For the past twelve years, Dr. Sara Metz has developed a deep passion for working with emergency responders and their families. A licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Metz specializes in crisis intervention, wellness program development, and peer support supervision.

Dr. Metz’s dedication for helping clients and agencies find healthy ways to manage mental health comes from her direct experience as a responder at many critical incidents. Embedded in the emergency responder culture, she understands the intricacies of work/life balance and the unique sense of humor that accompanies the work. She’ll “call it as she sees it” without judgment, in a laid-back, low stakes environment.

Dr. Metz recently created a Master’s in Emergency Responder & Military Psychology at CSU Global. This is the first and only program of its kind that trains future culturally competent counselors to assist responder / military personnel, and their families. For more information in how you can become a counselor, click on the CSU Global link below.

Nick Metz

Nick is a 36-year law enforcement veteran who has served two major city police agencies. Most recently, Nick was Chief of Police for the Aurora (CO) Police Department from which he retired January 1, 2020, after five years of service. It was in Aurora that he oversaw over 1000 law enforcement personnel in an incredibly diverse population of almost 400,000.

Prior to becoming Chief in Aurora, Nick spent 31 years with the Seattle Police Department where he worked Patrol and many different specialty assignments and rose to the rank of Deputy Chief (number 2 to the Chief of Police). As an Assistant Chief, he earned a medal of valor for his role in assisting in the apprehension of an armed suspect who shot a bus driver and attempted to drive off with a bus full of passengers.

Nick has had a long passion in caring for First Responders where he created full time wellness units in both Seattle and Aurora. He has assisted in countless programs and training centered around promoting mental health wellness for First Responders and their families.

A powerful and informative show

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