Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Microcast Monday: Forging Ahead


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Hello everyone and welcome back to Microcast Monday. I hope everyone is doing well. It is a very difficult time for law enforcement, communities and the country as a whole. I hope everyone can come together and work together to get through these difficult times.

Thanks to all the brave men and women who work in the criminal justice field. Remember you are honored, cherished and you are loved. Keep up the great work.

As you all know, I shared some news a couple of days ago about some personal problems I was going through. I am still going through personal problems, but I am staying healthy and hopeful for the future. I know what whatever happens I will be fine. Remember when you are going through difficult times, you have to keep going as best as you can.

For all that have reached out to me, prayed with me and continue to offer support - I thank you. If I didn't reach out to you personally, please know that you are in my prayers and again THANK YOU.

The Criminal Justice Podcast is not going away either. A friend asked me if that was a possibility and the answer is NO. The show continues because of YOU. The listener and supporter.

If you want to reach out to me, you can do so at

Thank you =)


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