Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Carlos Francisco - Corporate Security Professional & Career Transition Expert


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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Top Ranked CJEvolution Podcast. This show is top ranked because of YOU, the listener and support. Thank you so much. If you are not subscribed to the show, please subscribe. Please give us that 5-Star Rating and Review on Apple Podcasts.

A big shout out and THANK YOU to all the brave men and women working in the criminal justice field. Remember it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world the majority of people support you. You are honored, cherished, and loved. Keep up the great work.

It is such an honor to be partnered with Detectachem. This amazing and innovative company is helping keep YOU safter by offering mobile threat detection that fits in the palm of your hands. This application-based technology detects illicit drugs, explosives and now COVID-19. Head over the and check out the link to Detectachem.

If you are a criminal justice professional looking to make a transition into Corporate Security, then you will want to listen to my next amazing guest. Carlos Francisco stopped by the show.

Trilingual, self-motivated, dedicated, leader with over 23 years of progressive leadership in large scale corporate security management, emergency management, critical infrastructure, law enforcement, loss prevention, safety, sports venues and major global events. After spending over two decades leading exceptional teams in the corporate security world, Carlos Francisco, CPP is sharing his expertise with readers. Carlos has led the security teams of some of the largest corporations in the world, including Walt Disney World Resort, Amazon, and Facebook, as well as teams at major international events such as Super Bowl 50, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, World-Class Marathons, and many more. He understands what is impactful and has spent years helping people transition from law enforcement, military, and federal jobs into the corporate security world. Says Carlos: “I want to diminish that little feeling you have in your gut on how tough it is to translate what you knew and experienced in the military, law enforcement, or federal service into the corporate world. Beyond what you need to fake it until you make it, I hope this book gives you the confidence to step into a corporation feeling sure about yourself and prepared to take on any tasks presented to you.”

Such a great and informative show. Reach out to Carlos if you are looking to make a transition into Corporate Security.

You can find Carlos here:

Stay tuned for more great guests and content on The CJEvolution Podcast


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