Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Career Transition Experts: Carlos Francisco, Brian Tuskan, Scot Walker & Ryan Irwin


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A big shout out and THANK YOU to all the brave men and women working in the criminal justice field. Whatever you are doing and wherever you are at remember you are honored, cherished and loved. Keep up the great work and please be safe.

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If you are a criminal justice professional looking to make a transition into corporate security, or maybe you want to start your own business, then you need to listen to this show. Carlos Francisco, Brian Tuskan, Scot Walker and Ryan Irwin came on the podcast to impart their knowledge to the listener.

They are all former law enforcement professionals who made successful transitions into the private sector into various high-profile roles. They are here to give YOU tips, information and suggestions if you are looking to make a change.

In this roundtable discussion we talk about believing in yourself and developing the proper mindset for a successful transition, the do’s and don’ts of networking, resume preparation and much more.

Such a great and informative show.

You can find Carlos Francisco here:

The Corporate Security Translator Podcast

You can find Brian Tuskan here:

You can find Scot Walker here:

You and find Ryan Irwin here:

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