Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: Brock Bevell - Retired Police Officer & Director of Operations for Chase The Vase


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My next guest is going to motivate and inspire you. Brock Bevell is living proof that anyone, including YOU, can overcome every obstacle life throws at you.

Brock is a husband and father of 7 Children. He is a recovery coach and an advocate for those struggling with addiction. Brock has over 11 years of sobriety and 6.5 years working 1 on 1 with men and women who struggle with addiction.

In 2001, while working as a Police Officer, Brock was involved in an accident where a mom was prostituting her daughter out for sex in exchange for drugs. During the incident, Brock was run over and sustained notable injuries to his ankle and knee.

The injuries and surgeries from the accident led Brock on an extensive addiction to opioids. He openly shares his point of view of the life of an undercover cop, who dedicated his life to the often dangerous and clandestine world of informants, drug dealers, and addicts. While working as a police officer he shares his perception of those who suffer from addiction and alcoholism.

On the flip side, Brock didn’t intend to become a drug addict, but nonetheless found himself in a knock down drag out battle with opioid addiction, even turning to selling narcotics to feed his growing and out of control addiction.

The kicker you ask? The addict turned dealer and the thrill-seeking undercover cop is the same person – and that’s just the start of what is genuinely an incredible story of a man who at one point has to make the ultimate split-second decision as a police officer, finds himself growing to hate the addicts and dealers he is chasing, and ultimately becomes one himself.

Brock does indeed persevere and now over eleven years sober, shares his amazing story of high drama, intrigue and most importantly hope with Chasing the Vase!

A great and powerful interview.

Find Brock here:

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