Let's Talk, Sex Feat. Shayla V.


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Let's talk about Sex baby, let's talk about you and me, let's talk about all the good things and all the bad things that may be. In this episode Let's talk SEX, I explored a “Toxic Topic” referencing a video that surfaced on social media i.e. (The ShadeRoom) of a Male and Female couple who exchanged cell phones briefly for a game-show/ podcaster! So, I ask this question, fellas, are you going through your girls phone? Or do you find that lame? Does that make you insecure? I’ve done it! Listen to this episode to find out what happened to me and what could potentially happen to you! Ladies, should men ask your body count? Why are y'all afraid of this question? Also for my ladies, is there an appropriate way to be asked for sex? What would you do if a guy approaches you and say "I want to fuck you"! Finally, how do women feel about Men who engage in Butt Play? Men do you like Butt Play? Is your girl taking you through there if you are! That’s not all, this episode also includes some Sex Education including how not to contract STD’s or STI’s, how to prevent the spreading of STD’s and STI’s, as well as some fun facts that even I didn’t know wasn’t healthy for the body, such as having sex daily to name a few. So, again Let’s Talk, Sex! "This episode is intended to strictly promote the practice of safe sex".

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