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This week we review - 15 Storeys High (Series 2 Episode 1)
Sitcom focusing on miserable lifeguard Vince Clark, who hates being touched, and his Chinese lodger Errol, who live together in the tower block.
In addition to watching Vince and Errol, we dip in and out of the lives of the other occupants of the towerblock; there's wife-swappers, bible-bashers, lap dancers, hopeless stoners, embryonic boy bands, hygiene freaks, men who shout at TVs and even a bloke who keeps a horse in the spare room.
Written by Sean Lock / Martin Trenaman / Mark Jones
Directed by Mark Nunneley
Produced by Phil Bowker
A BBC Three Production.
15 Storeys High is available here: https://amzn.to/3lDJchI
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