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This week we review - Mandy (Series 1 Episode 1&2)
Mandy is a BBC TV series, written by and starring Diane Morgan as the title character Mandy Carter. The pilot was first broadcast in August 2020
Mandy is a woman with dreams. Big dreams. Most of all, she dreams of breeding Doberman Pinchers.
But there are hurdles to overcome before that dream can become a reality. In the series we'll see her go on a health kick, rent out her small back bedroom on Airbnb and attempt a series of short-lived jobs in the modern gig economy.
Supporting cast include Tom Basden, Maxine Peake, Tony Way, Sean Locke, David Bradley and Natalie Cassidy.
Written by Diane Morgan
Directed by Diane Morgan
Produced by Sam Morgan
A BBC Studios Production.
Mandy is available here: https://bbc.in/3bOtdu4
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