Ep97 Tim Anderson Returns


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Ep 97 welcomes the return of Tim Anderson (Original Strength, OSi, Becoming Bulletproof). Tim and I catch up and discuss our struggles and lessons learned through pandemic, transitioning seminars online, where we find hope and more. the You can learn more about Tim and Original Strength at the following links. Website: www.originalstrength.net Instagramwww.instagram.com/original_strength/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/originalstrength Want to train or course with Fury? Head over to www.speakeasyofstrength.com or www.instagram.com/speakeasyofstrengthbk to get the heads up on all things Fury! Want to see this show grow and get better? You can make a small financial donation by becoming a Patron at www.patreon.com/coachfurypodcast. I am grateful for your support! Please subscribe, rate and review. Live long. Be strong. Die mighty! -Fury

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