Tips for teaching video storytelling


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When it comes to video storytelling, the times have changed. Most students are already equipped with an Android device or an iPhone. The advanced cameras on phones can be a powerful tool to tell a story via video. At least when appropriately used.

However, as an educator, you can still bring several tricks to the table to up your students’ video filming game.

In Episode 184 of Class Dismissed, we spoke with former broadcaster Clement Townsend. Townsend works with youth to master storytelling with videos.

Townsend says they should learn to stay away from shooting vertical video for students just beginning to working with video. You know, a video that is shot with a phone upright. While that works for Instagram and TikTok, it’s not the proper format for sharing videos on TV.

In our latest episode, Townsend offers layout tips for editing stories, and he tells his best advice for conducting an interview.

To hear our full interview with Townsend, listen to Episode 184 of Class Dismissed on your favorite podcasting app or iTunes.

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