The Colonial Parkway Murders Part 2


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Episode 6 The Colonial Parkway Murders Part 2
In this episode, we wrap up our coverage of the collection of murders known as the 'Colonial Parkway Murders' focusing on the final 3 cases. They include, the September, 1987 murders of David Knobling and Robin Edwards, the April, 1988 disappearance and presumed murders of Keith Call and Cassandra Hailey, and the September, 1989 murders of Daniel Lauer and Annamaria Phelps.
We are joined once again by Bill Thomas, who's a case advoate and brother of Colonial Parkway Murder victim Cathy Thomas. Our expert panel includes DNA expert Suzanna Ryan, and retired homicide investigator, Cloyd Steiger.
If you have information about the Colonial Parkway Murders, please contact the Norfolk FBI at 757-455-0100 or send an e-mail to
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