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My hand luggage was scanned then they took it and said “you got a bullet in here” and i said yes because when they said you got a bullet in here I remembered you gave me a bullet in your studio and then he took the bullet out and went away talking to someone and I freaked out inside and thought shit I also told him when he took the bullet I said yes yes it's a bullet from the second world war I got it from a friend he went away and he talked to someone and i freaked out inside and thought shit they gonna take me and find you and your grandfather but then he came back and said i’m gonna keep this bullet and fill out a form and then you’ll sign that form and I said yes yes and then he said there is no nothing will happen they will give it to the police but it’s not I can still travel around he said and there won’t be any effects he didn’t ask more of where it came from

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