A WRITER'S WAR 8 | From across the Seas They Came


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A WRITER'S WAR looks at how those who fought and those at home in Britain, France, Germany and former colonies of the British and French Empires responded to the First World War, the horrors of the trenches and the advent of mechanised violence. We conclude this group of podcasts with a discussion about responses to the First World War in former colonies of the British and French Empires. CATRIONA SETH, Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature and Fellow of ALL SOULS COLLEGE, chairs a conversation between PROFESSOR SANTANU DAS, Senior Research Fellow, ALL SOULS COLLEGE, and PROFESSOR TOBY GARFITT, Emeritus Fellow of MAGDALEN COLLEGE. MUSIC with kind permission of Professor Santanu Das. Amanroop Kaur (vocals), Jasdeep Singh (dilruba) and Harleen Singh (tabla). In 2019 OXFORD UNIVERSITY'S MEDIEVAL & MODERN LANGUAGES FACULTY ran a series of workshops, in partnership with OXFORD SPIRES ACADEMY, during which Year 10 modern language students discussed a range of texts from British, French and German writers, and also arranged for the students to visit MAGDALEN COLLEGE, which holds an extensive collection of letters and other items relating to the College's participation in the First World War. Students, participating academics, and the archivists from Magdalen College then recorded their reflections for this podcast series. A NATIONAL LOTTERY HERITAGE FUND FIRST WORLD WAR CENTENARY PROJECT, produced by CHROMERADIO for OXFORD UNIVERSITY'S MEDIEVAL & MODERN LANGUAGES FACULTY in partnership with Year 10 students from OXFORD SPIRES ACADEMY.

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