Perfect World's Josh Lee on Esports, Peng Shuai latest, and Olympic boycott threats


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On the show this week, the Peng Shuai story goes international in a big way (3:10), the financial consequences of sports leagues leaving China (5:11), different types of Olympic boycotts and what’s most likely for Beijing 2022 (8:18).

Then we interview Joshua Lee from Perfect World, a massive Chinese gaming company, to talk about the recent win from Chinese gaming team EDG and more (13:26). Josh runs esports tournaments in China and talks about the advantages China has over the rest of the world in esports (15:17), EDG’s world championship victory and the mass celebration across China (16:35), offline gatherings for the online community (17:55), the typical esports demographic in China (19:09), a gaming debut at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou (22:34), whether the Olympics need esports more than esports needs the Olympics (24:16), China’s new law restricting gaming time for minors (26:34), the true numbers of gamers in China (28:38), and the links between esports and traditional sports leagues (31:30).

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