#21 Benjamin Jones, Project Seagrass - How seagrass could help solving the climate crisis


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Benjamin Jones is the marine biologist and scuba diver who loves the free life under the sea and on the road. In this first episode of the summer edition of the podcast, you will hear the story of how Ben sold me his fully converted camper van, the magic of life on the road, and how Ben became interested in marine life. Today he runs the international NGO Project Seagrass, fully focused on conserving and restoring seagrass. Seagrass plays a key role in the marine ecosystem and is 35 times (!) better than the rainforest in absorbing CO2. Tune in for more fascinating facts about life under the sea!

You can find Project Seagrass at:

Website: https://www.projectseagrass.org/ Facebook: Project Seagrass Instagram: @projectseagrass

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