#11008 Did My Baby See a Ghost? - Jimmy Akin


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Open Forum – Questions Covered: 03:44 – What was in the holy of holies during the time of Jesus? 12:20 – Has the Church taught exactly what we can know about God based on human reason? 17:00 – Does God break his promises? 23:03 – What’s the best way to interact socially with clergy? 28:46 – I think there’s a ghost in my home and wanted to get your thoughts. 33:24 – In the Luminous Mysteries, it says that the wedding at Cana was where his disciples started believing in Jesus. Why didn’t they believe in him before? 40:40 – Could you explain what glory is? 47:10 – I’m confused by all the mentions of John in the bible. The Gospel, letters, and revelation and also those Johns mentioned in the bible. Are they all different people? …

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