#11005 Ask a Priest - Fr. Samuel Keyes


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Questions Covered: 04:41 – My wife is pregnant. When she partakes in communion, does that mean that the baby also partakes in communion? 08:37 – Did Jesus have brothers? 14:14 – Is it appropriate to receive communion twice? 16:03 – What is the morality of a car accident? At what point would you be sinning mortally? 20:49 – How is Genesis 3:15 translated from the Jewish perspective compared to the Catholic perspective? 24:09 – How does one address a bishop or cardinal? What title does one use? 32:50 – Why did Jesus have to die? 42:33 – Where did God come from? 49:09 – I’m returning to the faith. My parish is getting a priest from Ghana, and he will be serving 2 parishes. I know he will be overwhelmed but how do I approach asking questions without adding to his stress? 51:55 – Why would my 8-year-old grandson have to go through RCIA to get baptized and to receive communion? …

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