#11003 Why Was Polygamy Allowed in the Old Testament? - Tim Staples


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Open Forum – Questions Covered: 04:26 – Is it possible for babies in the womb to receive grace from their mother receiving communion? 14:49 – The early Church seemed to be pacifist. After Constantine the tone changed, why is that? 21:31 – Am I required to send my kids to religious education after confirmation? 28:36 – Could we Catholics start implementing prayer mats into our services? 30:26 – Why did God allow polygamy in the Old Testament? 38:32 – Are all of the priest’s sins absolved when he washes his hands during mass? 42:19 – Why do Catholics worship Mary and the saints through prayer? 46:42 – How much weight should we give to dreams and try to interpret them? 51:16 – Could you clarify whether Mary and Joseph were married or unmarried. Can you clarify why betrothal? …

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