#10825 Don’t Leave Rome for Orthodoxy - Michael Lofton


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Questions Covered: 12:34 – How can the Catholic Church claim to be united when Byzantines are allowed to venerate saints that are only recognized in Orthodoxy? 18:06 – What are your thoughts on the east and west finally being united? Is there a chance to reconcile with the Russian Orthodox Church? 23:29 – Shouldn’t the form of the Eucharist be important for unity? Shouldn’t Catholics use a loaf instead of an individual host to symbolize unity? 29:47 – Shouldn’t the emphasis be on unity instead of governance style and organization? 36:55 – It’s my opinion that if we unite on the date that we celebrate Easter we will usher in unity. What are your thoughts on that? 42:45 – If I decide to go to confession to an orthodox priest, would it be accepted as normal in the Catholic Church? 46:20 – Is there a particular reason why the Latin won’t use the three-bar crucifix? 48:02 – Why is there a large difference amongst the Orthodox churches on Purgatory? 50:41 – Our true unity doesn’t come for the loaf but unity of Christ. 51:58 – Did Catholics and Orthodox share saints after the schism? …

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