#10821 Open Forum - Joe Heschmeyer


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Questions Covered: 06:34 – I’m a brand new Catholic but I’ve had sacraments in the Orthodox Church, how do I make them recognized in the west? 14:37 – Is it wrong to use the names of pagan gods in stories or to name your children? 20:38 – Where’s the line with passion kissing before marriage? 29:35 – I haven’t been going to Mass because of my disability. Should I not receive communion when I do go because I don’t go consistently? 34:48 – Does mortal sin affect a priest’s ordination? Would an unconfessed mortal sin invalidate their ordination? 42:27 – I’m in my 50’s and I want to get married. Do I have to be open to life at this age? 48:54 – Why is it ok for popes to worship with other religions? 52:45 – Did the pope have the authority to add the filioque to the creed much later after the council? …

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