#10763 Open Forum - Karlo Broussard


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Questions Covered: 03:55 – Is it possible for sacramentals to have the same graces as sacraments? Can we make our own sacramentals? 13:45 – I’m protestant. What is the Catholic doctrine on the atonement? 19:10 – Why are some Catholics not supportive of the Catechism? 24:30 – How could we claim that the Church’s teaching were infallible if the early Christians believed that Christ would come back in their lifetime? 32:30 – How can Mary be a co-redemptrix if Jesus is the one who redeemed us? 42:05 – I’m a teacher and was tasked to teach on race and gender in a liberal school. How do I approach this as a Catholic? 49:37 – With a lack of catechesis in different parts of the world, is there an effort to bring materials in the native languages to remote parts of the world? 51:49 – How do we know whether a vision or visionary/prophet is really happening? How do we know if God is actually speaking to them? …

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