#10756 Addiction and Healing - Scott Weeman


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Questions Covered: 11:32 – How can I help my girlfriend who’s trying to stop her marijuana addiction, but she still lives with friends who tempt her? We are also long distance. 17:26 – What are your thoughts on other paths that lead to sobriety that are not 12 steps? 21:21 – I feel what you are doing is a form of the New Evangelization! 32:17 – How do you help the partners of those going through the program for sexual healing? 36:07 – What is your take on the 11th step? 42:07 – How to persevere in being sober from pornography especially with thoughts? 46:10 – I’m concerned for my kids, especially since I suspect my ex-husband to be an alcoholic. How do I influence them? 51:26 – How do I start an alcoholic group for teens? …

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