#10752 The Assumption of Mary - William Albrecht


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Questions Covered: 14:10 – How would Rev.12:13-17 be applied to Mary? 19:40 – If Mary was born without sin, would that mean she’s separate from humanity? Wouldn’t Jesus need the consequence of sin in order to get rid of them? 29:50 – Do Catholics believe that Mary’s egg was used for the conception of Jesus? 35:24 – I view sin as a deformity, did Mary have this? 41:30 – Is there a difference between the bodily Assumption and the Dormition? 44:55 – What are your thoughts on the speculation that St. Ann was infertile, and St. Joachim was away during the time of the conception of Mary? 50:17 – Who was Mary and why was she important and had so many suitors? Why was Joseph worthy of marrying her? …

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